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"Dr. Como; Thank you for being one of our families health care providers of choice. You have helped us heal from our kids' numerous crash landings and sniffles to our bigger issues (neck & back pain) and other problems. We trust you and your hands to not only adjust us, but also offer additional help. You and your staff are always patient and understanding. When we all moved to Minnesota, it was a challengeto find a chiropractor that we can trust and that the kids liked too. Thank goodness we finally found you. Your flexibility and willingness to help us out has made a huge difference in our lives. We now have a trusted provider and friend at Back in Shape."

- Joanna-Jane - Felicia- Zandra - Trent.

"Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr.Como, I have had a decline in migraine headaches from which I had suffered for over 20 years. I am now virtually able to live my life pain free. Dr. Como and staff have been great. It is always an enjoyable experience. The care is exceptional and professional."

- Julie V.

"I had first seen Dr. Como for care after I was knocked in the air by a giant schnauzer and landed on my back. Then in January I was in a car accident and I was very stiff and sore. I sought care again with Dr. Como. Since beginning treatment, I now have more mobility and I can do activities longer without pain. At Back in Shape, I receive great care and a genuine concern for my health. The receptionist is fabulous."

- Sherry H.

"I have been seeing Dr. Como for running injuries, neck pain and back pain, since 1995. The pain really limited what I could do. I was hesitant to use strong pain medications and since seeing Dr. Como, I no longer need to. There's not one running injury that she has not been able to take care of. It is because of her care that I am able to continue my long distance running. I am grateful that I have Dr. Como as a part of my life. I appreciate all she does for me and for my entire family."

- Debbie B.

"Shortly after I was born, my mom and dad found out that I had Torticollis. This caused my neck to tighten and I leaned my head to the left. It made it difficult for me to turn my head and sometimes it was painful when trying to do the exercises with my physical therapist. The progress I have made has come in leaps and bounds. Having Dr. Como adjust my neck and back helped tremendously. My range of motion and balance have improved. After a few visits, I was able to crawl better and have more confidence. I am now walking. Thank you, thank you! The care and support has been wonderful."

- Nick B.

"I really don't remember how long I had been suffering from back pain before seeking chiropractic care. If I sat down for a couple of minutes, trying to get out of a chair and stand straight was nearly impossible. Once I began the chiropractic route, I never sought care elsewhere. Relative to mu low back pain at it's worst, if I hadn't put my well being into the hands of Dr. Como, I'm not sure I'd be walking upright today. Since making chiropractic a regular part of my life, I experience fewer aches and pains overall. I am able to live my life fully, because I am not held back by pain."

- Sue B.

"I came into this office because I was pregnant and was having hip pain. I was having difficulty walking without pain. I knew it would only get worse as my belly got bigger. I was referred to Dr. Como, and as a result, my pregnancy has been physically comfortable for me. The back pain that came in my second trimester is gone. My hip pain, headaches and muscle pain are gone. Dr. Como has been fantastic."

- Desiree T.

"We wish to express how much we appreciate the quality care we have received from Dr. Como for close to 10 years now. Not only has she helped us through 2 car accidents, she has also either reduced or in some cases eliminated our pain and discomfort. She has the desired bedside manner, that unfortunately many doctors lack. Her personal interest and care are outstanding. Her care extends to her own family and we feel this speaks very well of what's inside her. Once again, thank you for your great care".

- Joseph, Shae & Charlie B.

"We began chiropractic care following a car accident. Every day Ellie awoke asking for Motrin for her back pain. Both Ellie and Abby got ear infections one week after the accident. I had nerve compression and numbness on my right side. We had been experiencing problems for about 10 days before a friend told me to look for a chiropractor who was specifically trained in pediatrics. I found Dr. Como thru the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (I.C.P.A.) website. Since beginning care at Back in Shape, all three of us have had resolution of the back pain and numbness. To quote Ellie and Abby; "Our backs feel great".

- Emer, Ellie & Abby K.

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