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"Dr. Amanda has helped me with discomfort related to computer work and other pains related to life long health conditions the I have experienced on and off for 20+ years. My headache frequency has decreased since starting treatment with her. I have also achieved increased movement from surgeries I have had done. It has even helped increase my quality of sleep. I love the friendly atmosphere! Dr. Amanda is the best!"

-Jane S.

"I love Dr. Shorter! I am on a weight loss journey and thanks to the chiropractic care I receive with her I am able to train longer. I have less pain before, during, and after any activity. I was worried at first with having fibromyalgia but everything has only gotten better! The office is clean, professional, but relaxed. She answers any and all questions that she can and really listens to your concerns! She will be my chiropractor for as long as I need it! Highly recommend!!!"

-Tomantha W.

"Dr. Amanda is caring and wants to help you feel better not just in the moment but in the long run. I have been seeing her for neck and rib pain. I was nervous coming in for the first appointment as I have never seen a Chiropractor before, but she made everything easy to understand and let me ask all my questions. She even recommended different exercises and supplements for me to use at home to help manage my pain. Thanks to her I am able to move my neck better and sleep better! Highly Recommend!"

-Allison S.

"Dr. Shorter is fantastic. After trying several other chiropractors over the years, I couldn’t find one who worked, until Dr. Shorter. As an athlete herself, she understands athletic injuries that turn into chronic pain. Dr. Shorter worked with me to ensure I had a treatment plan that worked. She didn’t pressure me to schedule unnecessary appointments; she allowed me to listen to my body and schedule accordingly. Plus, she was very responsive and flexible with my busy work schedule. My chronic pain has improved so much since seeing Dr. Shorter. When I do have an occasional flare up, I can get an appointment easily. I highly recommend Back in Shape Chiropractic!"

-Colleen C.

"Dr. Shorter is an amazing Chiropractor. She has helped me numerous times for my lower back pain and explains the pain I am having in so much detail."

-Diamond S.

"Dr. Amanda is THE BEST. I've had some issues over the years from previous sports injuries and she knows exactly how to fix me up! Highly recommend!!"

-Alex G.

"Dr. Amanda is an Excellent Chiropractor!" She is the one who fixes me when I'm broken."

-Amber N.

"Dr. Shorter is very professional at what she does. Super friendly and asks the patient the appropriate questions to find out where the issues are. Very gentle and does a great job at the adjustments. Always feel great when I've been treated by her!"

-Mary H

"Dr. Amanda is great! Very professional and friendly, knows what she's talking about and will talk you through what she is doing to you as she does it. My neck has been bothering me for years after Dr. Amanda's adjustments it has improved significantly! Thank you for what you do!"

- Blaire P

"Is detailed with questions to find out what the issues are that you are dealing with and truly cares about getting you back to 100%"

- J.J

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