Traction/Decompression Therapy

The DynaPro Advanced Decompression Unit has been designed to relieve pressure on structures that may be causing neck and low back pain. This state of the art therapy relieves pain associated with Herniated Discs, Protruding Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Posterior Facet Syndrome and Sciatica.

The DynaPro Advanced Decompression Unit takes a comprehensive 4 phase approach to relieving neck and low back pain:

  • Phase 1: Application of Light Therapy with the XP Light Pad. This pre-treatment promotes relaxation of muscle spasms, increased circulation and relief of minor muscle and joint aches.
  • Phase 2: Targeted Decompression of the intervertebral disc, relieving pressure on structures that may be causing low back or neck pain.
  • Phase 3: Once pain has diminished, your doctor will recommend an exercise program designed to strengthen supportive core muscles and improve flexibility.
  • Phase 4: Muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs need proper nourishment to heal. Your doctor may recommend nutritional supplements that are formulated to provide nutrition to aide in repair of injured tissues. These supplements provide effective treatment for relief of pain, inflammation and muscle spasm.

Traction/Decompression works by applying steady gentle distraction to the affected vertebrae and discs. This approach takes pressure off of the discs, bony structures and nerves in the area allowing an increase in the flow of blood and nutrients to the discs. As a result the discs are able to heal, misaligned joints gain better mobility and pressure is reduced on spinal nerves allowing for improved nerve function.

Clinical results of this type of therapy have been effective in over 75% of the patients treated and most patients find long-term relief or effective management of their pain when they complete the entire program of treatments utilizing Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy.


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